Hope you were able to get a glimpse into who we are and our lives and how we plan to raise a child in our home. We would be happy to discuss any questions you may have for us. Feel free to contact us so that you can get to know one another better. We will be delighted to learn about you and get to know you better. And also, we want to make sure we understand your hopes and aspirations for your child and how you would want him or her raised. If you have any questions about us or the legal process you may feel free to contact our attorney, Suzanne Nichols. Suzanne is happy to answer your questions.

​We hope you will see that we will raise your child lovingly and ensure he/she does not ever feel the need for love.

​Please know that whatever decision you make, we wish you peace and comfort.

​With our love. Dev & Marc

Call/text anytime 1-800-844-1670

Most of Marc's first cousins on his mother's side. From left to right in the back: Charlotte, Marc, Matthieu, Valentin and Baptiste. First row from left to right: Romain (carried), Anne, Maxime (carried), Pauline, Antoine, Sylvain, Pierre, Jerome.

● Christmas
Christmas is a celebration closest to Marc’s tradition, however Dev has been celebrating it with his family from his youngest age in India as well. This is a celebration we tend to organize with family in France if possible, with the whole extended family with all my 19 cousins and 20 grand kids running around and playing. If we are in NYC, we transform it into a Christmas with our local friends, a large dinner and gift exchanges. As a kid, we would go and buy a tree with my parents and take the whole day to decorate the tree together. I can still smell the sap from the trees in my memories. We would have a chocolate calendar (a new piece of chocolate was hidden under each date of December) for all the 24 days before Christmas that I would run to open each morning and enjoy eating each chocolate. On Christmas Eve, my parents would trick us so well that I never understood how the gifts where arriving below the tree. Some years we would open the gift in the morning (and I would make sure I wake up extra early) and some other years we would open the gifts late at night after midnight church mass (Santa would have magically come while we were all there!). I cannot wait to see the eyes of the child we raise sparkling experiencing the wonders and the magic of Christmas.​

Marc performing as Drossellmeyer in the Nutcracker in a show in NYC with a Ballet Dance school

Dev's sisters and cousins (we all grew up in the same house!)
From left to right: Ava, Ari, Patti, Anya (sister), Paige (sister), Paris, Paula and Anna

Marc's sister, Anne, and her husband, Sebastien

Marc and Dev admiring the sunset in Fire Island, NY

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Marc and our nephew Gautier during a walk in Normandie, France

We love vacations and we know how much it made our childhoods incredible and magical. Going to the beach, going to the mountains for hiking, swimming in the rivers of Europe or discovering the wonders of India are always on our vacation list. We are planning at least two long vacations every year with our families. Marc’s siblings have 4 kids that we meet for vacations as well as Dev’s sister’s son. We usually select a destination as we are all far from each other and we meet there for about 10-14 days. Sometimes we travel to another destination together. And it also happens that we meet with friends during vacation.

​Our last vacation was in Barcelona. We rented an apartment with Marc’s mom and dad, his sister and us. Marc's four nephews were also with us on this trip. We enjoyed a lot of family friendly activities such as walks to the park, visiting museums, etc.

Why We're Ready To Adopt a Child
We would be honored and thrilled to raise your child and share our lives with your child. We both had a very happy and childhood filled with much love, and we want to create a family environment where we can provide that to a child. We will strive to create an environment that is as creative, supportive and loving to allow the child to flourish and grow.

Our parents love being grandparents and are so excited about our adoption plan. Our parents are looking forward to being very involved grandparents and guiding us along the way. They have lots of experience, they say!

We also believe that our paths in life allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the world, and we want to teach that to a child… We are quite curious to see how our two very different cultures will build your child’s awareness of the world. This child will likely be quite global.

​We know that raising a child can be difficult at times. Our siblings and friends have told us about the many day-to-day challenges being a parent brings. Despite knowing all these facts, we want to experience that ourselves and provide what we can to a child. We are completely committed to the good times as well as the tough times.

Dev (left) & Marc (right)

Marc and Dev in Barcelona

Marc’s thoughts on Dev
Dev represents many things for me. I am extremely proud of him all the time when we learn something together, when he shares his knowledge on things that I have no clue about, or when he makes the effort to learn French for the future of our family. I admire his strength, thoroughness and decision-making process. I feel protected when he is with me. I also love his moments of weakness and when he shares his doubt and needs in life. I know that these qualities will make him a wonderful dad.

Dev's sister, Paige, and her son/our nephew Aaron

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Marc with Dev's side of our family. From left to right: Ava (Dev's cousin), Marc, Paige (Dev's sister) and her husband Sonny.

Marc pulls me onto the dance floor to be the first couple to dance, when everyone else is awkwardly watching. Without him, I would be the one standing on the sidelines watching as others have fun. With him, I willingly go onto any dance floor.

Illa (Dev's mom) and our nephew Aaron at an outdoor cafe in the Canary Islands, Spain

Marc in the countryside of France around 10 years old

Our nephew Aaron playing

● Thanksgiving

Since much of our family currently lives in other countries, Thanksgiving is usually a Friendsgiving. Although we didn’t grow up with Thanksgiving, we have adopted the tradition and every year plan something special with friends to remind each other what we are thankful for. As we also love cooking and are learning to make a delicious turkey a great moment to try complex recipes and share them with our friends. We have made several classics like French style duck, green bean casserole, Dev always makes a Thai style sweet potato dish which is always a hit. Two years ago, we organized a family Thanksgiving trip to gather with a few family members in Colorado.

Friends & Family
Our family is not nearby but we plan to travel to visit them and they intend to travel to visit us multiple times a year for an extended period of time. There are many kids in both our families, and we cannot wait to see your child enjoy their company. We also want your child to understand both cultures and languages of India and France.

​Outside of our friends in the USA, we have numerous friends who are about to have kids and/or have had kids in the last few years. They live in France and in India and we are usually seeing them when we visit our families.

Celebrations we love to do:

● Epiphany
Marc loves this celebration in January, it originated from catholic tradition, when the three kings met Jesus Christ for the first time after its birth. The French tradition is to bake an almond pastry cake “the kings’ galette” and invite friends to share it. There is a little king in the galette and the one who finds it in its plate is supposed to host the next Kings Cake party the following year. Now Dev has learned to love this holiday as well and we feel certain your child will feel the same!

Marc reading to our nieces and nephew From left to right: Jeanne, Garance, Marie and Gautier in the back

Our nephews having dinner at our wedding. Gautier and Aaron

Brother in-law Sebastien at the park with our niece Garance and our nephew Gautier in France

Marc's cousins and aunt discussing at our wedding. From left to right: Noa, Kim and Claudine. Kim and Noa are the youngest first cousins on Marc's mother side and were adopted

Marc's sister, Anne, and her son/our nephew Gautier at a family reunion in the Alps, France

● Given the diversity of India, my grandmother, who I called “Nana”, and my aunts all came from different cultures. One of my fondest memories of childhood is trying new and different regional cuisines that were cooked by my mother, my aunts, and my grandmother. Best times were around 20 of us sitting at dinner together with my grandfather telling us stories about the times he was a congressman or about how he met some interesting celebrity/politician.

● I remember spending all my summer vacations at my maternal grandmother's house (who I called “Nani”) in Calcutta. I can never forget how she pampered us. She loved to make our favorite dishes that were from the northwest region of India. The food was always ending with amazing homemade desserts. She would play cards with us, we would go to the country clubs and go swimming or horseback riding.

● When I was 11, I went to a school in the Himalayan mountains of India. It was founded in 1847 and is one of the oldest schools in the country. Here I focused on my studies and made many close friends. I was a studious child and was very good in math.

Some of our close friends in New York City at and event in a theater we support
From left to right: Simon and his wife Anne (together for 12+ years), Masha, Dev, Hani, Romain and his wife Jac (together for 5+ years), and Marc in the back

Marc and Dev at a birthday party in the Rainbow Room of the Rockefeller Center in NYC

Garance our niece having dinner with grandma Marie (Marc's mom)

Kings Cake freshly baked by Marc at our home in New York City

Holidays & Celebrations
Our family is a melting pot, so holidays and celebrations are numerous. Still today we are discovering celebrations from one another’s culture and we appreciate understanding its origin and traditions.

Bow at the end of a play at Lincoln Center in New York City: "Dada Woof Papa Hot"

​Adoption: Please call/text anytime 1-800-844-1670.

Dev's birthday last year in our home in NYC

Dev helping Gautier our nephew making a collage in Paris, France

How We Play
Marc and I are very fond of theater in New York City. We enjoy watching lots of plays at the theaters in Manhattan. Dev also serves as a council member in one of our favorite theaters and supports the organization in developing new ideas and thoughts. Marc supports Dev fully in this role. This theater is a non-profit off-Broadway theater that produces edgy and provocative shows, bringing audiences into the theater development process. They have been paramount in bringing forward black and transgender artists in lead roles focusing on current local and global issues that affect us as Americans. The theater also transforms the lives of more than 1,200 students by teaching them the interpersonal skills, teamwork, confidence and social poise they learn while engaging in theater, which will help them to find success in any career they may choose.

Our BollywoodWedding
We got married in a 17th century castle in Burgundy, France (6-hour drive south of Paris) with around 170 of our closest friends and family. We had people come from over 5 countries to be with us on our wedding day. We were honored. Both our parents and our extended families were present to greet guests and enjoy the festivities. 

We had a Bollywood themed party to welcome the guests on the first night where Dev’s sisters and cousins did a dance and we found a way to get Indian food served in the middle of the countryside in France. 

​On the wedding day, our friend Hanit organized the entire wedding ceremony, Dev’s sister, Paige, sang for us. A tradition we experienced was mixing two different wines to create a bottle for ourselves that was sealed, and we need to open in 10 years! The wine box also contains notes written by the guests that were present. We laughed, cried, exchanged our vows and ended the night with dinner and lots of dancing. 

Marc and Dev in Fire Island, NY where we usually spend some vacation during the summer

I (Marc) used to like not having plans when I go for a walk and he loves to have them. Now I like to plan things with him, so he feels comfortable, and I love when our plans transform, and we decide to let go and take things as they come. We know that compromise is what makes a relationship work and also know that once we have a child, there will be even more compromises to make. We can’t wait!

How We Plan To Raise A Child
​We want your child to receive the best education, experiences and foremost a huge amount of love. We are thinking lots of family time, games, toys, cartoons, drawing, sports, potentially learning a musical instrument, dance, sleepovers with friends, birthday parties, and also lots of time spent with the grandparents and cousins in India and France on holidays, continuously learning and growing along the way. We want the child to have the options to choose their own path but be introduced to the many options.

Road trip in Maine with our friends Anne and Simon, who've been together for 12 years

Marc at age 3 in France

How We Met
We always like to start the story of how we met with “we met the old fashion way”. We indeed met at a restaurant in Manhattan. During the weekend there was food and dancing at the restaurant. It was the moment of the night where the crowd was starting to dance to really good music. We made eye contact, a discussion started, and the rest is history. 

Dev with his first cousins. From left to right: Peter, Ari, Alyssa, Paris, Patti, Ava, Anya and Paige. Dev and Marc in the back.

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Dev’s thoughts on Marc
When God was giving out happiness, Marc was first in line and probably got more than the normal allotment. He is the joy of any party. He is always happy and makes those around him feel joyous. He can walk into any room and light it up with his large personality, his smile, his positive energy. He doesn't worry about perceptions, rather sets the trends. He is fair. He is adventurous. He brings out the best in us. He can make anyone laugh and that probably why everyone seems to want to be around him. He’s goofy and playful. He pushes me to shed the normative ways and pushes me to learn, grow and experience new ways. He is soft, and very caring and immensely supportive. I know that all these qualities will make him a fantastic dad.

How We Work
We both have distinct ways of working. Also, during COVID everything has changed from the normal patterns. Currently we are both working from home and have lots of time throughout the day to balance personal and professional commitments.

Dev’s work is in finance and he has the ability to be very flexible and can work from home or the office. We also live only 15 mins from his office. Dev has a large team of staff working for him which makes him free most evenings and also gives breaks during the day. Dev’s work is very accommodating of families and supports and provides new parents with lots of options. He is offered 4 months paid leave upon the birth or adoption of a child, which he plans to use to care for the child in its first few months.

Dev and Marc in Acadia National Park in Maine

Greetings, we are Marc and Dev. We are very grateful you are taking the time to read our profile and considering us as adoptive parents for your child. This is an important decision for you, and we are deeply grateful that you are considering us. We know that you are brave and courageous for considering an adoption for your child and giving the amazing gift of becoming parents to a couple who is not able to have a child on their own. We love children and have always dreamed about becoming fathers. We are both very family oriented and will devote our lives to your child should you generously decide that we are the best adoptive parents for your child.

In the following pages we will be letting you know a little bit about us, our lives and what a family means to us. Our hope is that it will help you understand who we are and the full and incredible future we will build for your child. 

● Halloween
We always buy goodies to hand out to the trick or treaters who come by our home. We love to see the different costumes they are wearing and can’t wait to have a little one of our own to take around the neighborhood. With no doubt it will become extraordinary with a child.​

Dev's sisters, mom and nephew on a
walk in a garden in Morocco during a family trip. From left to right: Dev's sister Anya, Mom Illa, sister Paige and our nephew Aaron in the front

Marc's sister Anne and her daughter/our niece Garance in the Alps during a family trip

Dev's sister and her son/our nephew Aaron

Garance and Gautier
Our niece and nephew
(Marc's sister's children)

Dev and Marc with both our parents at our wedding in Burgundy, France.
From left to right: Dev's parents, Naren and Illa, Dev and Marc, Marc's parents, Marie and Bernard. Marc's parents have been together for 45 years ad Dev's parents have been together for 40 years.

Dev and Marc dressed as mimes for Halloween in NYC

​As mentioned earlier, we also love entertaining our friends at home by cooking French or Indian food. We recently bought a house with a terrace so lots of our friends are coming to visit and spend time outside in the sun.

Dev and his side of our family at our wedding. From left to right: Dev, his mom, sisters Paige and Anya and dad. Dev's mom and dad have been married for over 40 years.

Marc's side of our family at his uncle & aunt's wedding anniversary celebration. Marc is on the top right next to his parents Marie and her husband Bernard. His brother Pierre is on the bottom right with his two daughters Marie and Jeanne, and his wife Estelle. His sister Anne on the bottom left with his son Gautier and daughter Garance. Sebastien her husband is on the top left corner

Marc and Dev in New York City, our home

Dev and Marc at a concert on a boat on the Hudson river in NYC

Our first date was at a small restaurant in the West Village. Apparently, it's known to have many celebrity sightings given its location. Dev picked it because it was intimate and unpretentious. When we got there the restaurant was almost empty. We both were seated at a nice table. We were learning about each other, so we talked a lot about our backgrounds, large families, what we were doing in New York City, what we wanted to accomplish in our lives, how Marc had come on his date after a long Jazz dance class from Steps on Broadway. Dev was in a business suit and had come straight from work. Dev found it quite interesting listening to Marc with his cute French accent and about his life in NY. We discussed many things and knew we would want to continue to see each other. 

We found so many things were different and the same about us. We both were raised in very large families. We both spoke two languages each. We both loved to cook. We both loved entertaining our friends and most importantly we both were open to adventure and creating a path forward where we both keep each other happy and energized about life.​

Marc and Dev, spending time in Paris with our nephew Gautier (Marc's sister's son)

Call/text 800-844-1670 anytime

Life Before We Became We

Before I met Dev I travelled a lot. I pursued my education and also continued my passion for dance. In France, I completed my undergraduate program in technology, math and physics as well as dancing professionally with dance companies in France. Then I obtained my Master’s degree in Brest, France in technology while still dancing in Paris. I got my first professional job in technology in Paris for a year before coming to the United States. This was when I started pursuing a second Master’s degree in Muncie, Indiana at Ball State University. Dev and I both believe in the importance of education and will provide the best education for your child.

Both our parents are already onboard to visit New York and provide us coaching, guidance and support along the way. We are thinking of having the child study in the fantastic New York schools where they can experience multiple languages, cultures and traditions and learn around a very diverse group of other children. We have actually already found a network of French speaking parents that are ready to advise us from their own experiences.

One of the most important things for us is to provide the child with the best education so they are prepared for the world when they grow up. Both of us received the best education which has allowed us to find success and stability. We hope to provide the child with the same quality education so he/she can use that to find their own path in the future.

Dev as a teenager in India

● Rakhi

This is an Indian celebration where the sister ties a string around the brothers’ wrist and in return the brother pledges to protect the sister from harm. The pledge is ceremonial but signifies a rebound of love between brothers and sisters.

● 4th of July

This is a great celebration in New York City. We can usually see the fireworks from our home over the East River and it is another occasion to share a moment with friends. We look forward to having a child experience the wonder of the fireworks with us and our friends and their children. This is such an exhilarating moment to see everyone unite in a celebration.

Our nephew Gautier being funny for the picture

In a global world, we also believe the child should speak multiple languages. Given we speak 3 languages in our house, we expect to communicate with the baby in all three and hope this allows the baby to ultimately expand its world views.

Breakfast on Thanksgiving day with Dev's uncle and aunt who live in Colorado. From left to right: Ava, Adam, Ari (Dev's first cousins), Maya (aunt), Marc, Ciera (aunt), Dev and Matt (uncle)

● Birthdays

We always celebrate our birthdays with each other and sometimes friends. It’s a great way for Marc to show off his baking skills (Marc loves to bake French cakes and desserts). In France, we always have cake bakes at home on the day of every family member’s birthday. It is always a great moment to share your love with your closest family members and also learn to give and spend time with them. The tradition is to make a wish before blowing the candles (one for every year), the wish will come true if you can blowout all the candles in one blow!

Successful Professionals are happily married and ready to adopt 1st baby.

Dev's friends at our wedding in Burgundy, France. From left to right: Mani, Jasmine,
Amy, Ramy, Jojo, Marc, Dev, Viny, Shivanika, Vinit, Hani, Neal and Pav

Marc in Acadia National Park in Maine

Expenses Paid

Valid Home Study Approved

Dev and his Dad and Mom on a family trip in Morocco

Some of Marc's friends at our wedding. From left to right: Anne (Marc's sister),
Marc, Marie, Anne-Sophie, Allister, Marie, Steve, Masha and Steve

Marc’s work is in technology and - outside of meetings with clients - allows him to be flexible in scheduling meetings and getting work done. Due to the global nature of his business, his work is generally more busy early mornings (before breakfast) and some times late at nights (after dinner).

​We both share responsibilities around the house to ensure we support each other while we work. For example, we take turns cooking lunch and dinner and then cleaning up if the other is busy. We plan to apply the same approach when we become parents together.

● I loved being active: like my brother and sister before me, I started learning ballet at the age of 3, I started learning music (playing the flute) at 6 years old, and also stayed busy in the house learning to do house projects with my dad or learning farming basics with my uncles/grandparents (my grandparents were mostly farmers!). My parents exposed us to many different activities at a young age and we hope to follow this lead with a child of our own.

Walking in the Alps after lunch with Marc's mom, Marie, and Marc's aunt, Dany. Marc's sister, Anne, with her/our niece daughter, Garance. 


After high school I moved to the United States to study finance in Bloomington, Indiana. I really enjoyed learning about the American culture, food and people. I had roommates from various towns in Indiana that befriended me and taught me the American ways. I enjoyed college and worked part time at a local non-profit which worked to improve children's test scores at underperforming schools around the country. I loved the team and non-profit’s cause so much, I worked there for almost 3 years as an intern. The amazing lady that hired me has remained my mentor until today.

I grew up in the outskirts of Paris in France. I am the youngest of a three-children. I have an older brother, Pierre, and sister, Anne. We all lived with my parents and were always closely connected to my extended family (of 8 uncles/aunts and 19 first cousins). We all are originally from the Loire Valley in the western region of France. This is where my parents retired recently.

I had a very happy childhood in a very energetic environment. Life was split between a city life and life in the countryside for the 20 first years of my life.

Dev at the Palace of Versailles near Paris, France

Dev and our nephew Aaron after exchanging gifts during a family trip in Morocco

Marc with our nephew Gautier during family vacation in Barcelona, Spain

Friends in the Neighborhood
We are surrounded by our chosen family in New York City. This is where our closest friends live. They are composed of dancers, teachers, finance professionals, technology professionals, doctors among others. We already know that Cristina and Hani will have an important role for our child as a constant presence: the New York aunties!

​Some of our friends like Martin, Guillemette, Jerome and Laura are pregnant or recently had a baby which is exciting as we already imagine our child having friends to spend time with when they will grow here in New York City.

​Also, our friends in the neighborhood who love children and work with them every day. Our friend Paulo is a teacher at one of the most renowned schools in the city. Our friend Cristina is an educator and works with children as young as 12 months through 18 years. Everyone is eager for us to have a child to join to add to the mix!

I eventually graduated and got a job at an accounting firm in Indianapolis. I worked there for 4 years and transferred with the same company to New York City. I have been here for almost 12 years now.

​They say, “Only in New York” to explain a lot of things that happen in this city. For me, it was about working hard and enjoying life. I took advantage of the city life by attending theater, restaurants, and nearby beaches. I travelled a lot. I worked quite hard too and advanced my career at the same firm I've been for over 15 years. I made a lot of good friends along the way that have stuck by me (now us) throughout.

Life Growing Up
We grew up in different countries, however with a lot of common values on what a family is and means. We will provide a happy, full childhood similar to the wonderful upbringings that our families provided for us.

Life Growing Up (continued)

I grew up in New Delhi, India to two loving parents. I was the first-born child and have two younger sisters Paige and Anya, who are both married now. I also have a seven-year-old nephew, Aaron, who loves superheroes (Captain America is his favorite) and Harry Potter books. Like Marc I have a very large family. My father, Naren, has 4 brothers and my mother, Illa, has 2 brothers and a sister. I grew up in a house built by my grandfather where both my grandparents, my father’s 4 brothers and their wives and children all lived in the same house (it was a big house!). I grew up with 14 other siblings and cousins living in the same house, and now we all come back to the same home whenever we visit for weddings or holidays. It’s usually a full house!

Marc and his brother, Pierre holding his daughter Jeanne while we are watching our niece Marie play in the playground.

Dev and his mom Illa at Dev's cousin's wedding in India in 2019

Dev and our nephew Gautier on vacation in the Alps, France

Vacation in the Alps with Marc's side of our family after our wedding. From left to right: Marc, Anne (sister), Valentin (cousin), Franck (uncle), Didier (uncle), his wife Dany (aunt), Marie (Marc's mom), Dev and Bernard (Marc's dad)

Call/text 1-800-844-1670


Evening on the terrace of our new home in New York City, looking at the beams of light from the Twin Towers' ground zero

● Pursuing your passions was highly encouraged in my childhood. My parents encouraged me to pursue dance and I got accepted in the Paris Opera ballet school at the age of 11. This allowed me to train to be a professional ballet dancer. I danced and performed in many shows in Paris, France, and the United States. Although I don't dance professionally anymore, I still continue ballet dancing (and other forms such as Jazz and contemporary) at studios in New York. Performing live in front of audiences was a large part of my childhood.

● My family also loved taking vacations, which were a large part of childhood. Given i have such a large extended family, my parents/uncles/aunts organized multiple trips a year where they would go camping/hiking/canoeing and visit a new region of France/Italy/Germany all the time. Dev and I hope to be able to travel and continue these activities with our child.

Call/text 800-844-1670 anytime